Eric Zang
Recording Appearances:


David Macejka: Sookh Tan

Ioannis Goudelis: Life Goes On

Traveler: Ancient Lands (Tracks 1-4), Phoenicia

Chris Spheeris: Dancing with the Muse, Solo Live
Chris Spheeris & Anthony Mazzella: Brio

Mosaico: Mosaico; Amor

Chris Burton Jacome: Palante

  Anthony Mazzella: Unity

Mpath: Wanderer; Journey to the Heart (for Yoga Journal)

Domba: Evocation

Stacey Fox: Terra Drums

History of Groups Performed With & Selected Live Performances:

Cosmos (Greek/Turkish)
Utku Dagkiran & Eric Zang (Turkish)
Hafla (Arabic)
Jumma (Greek/Mideastern/Indian)
Domba as frequent guest performer (Mideastern/African)
Stephen James & Eric Zang with Gabrielle Young's spiritual poetry recitations. (Indian/Mideastern)
Latif Bolat's performance at Arizona State University (Turkish)

Chris Burton Jacome
Julia Chacon
Pilar Rioja and Company (in Manhattan, summer series)

Latin American
Ruth Vichules & Eric Zang (Latin American, Jazz, school residencies & assemblies)
Prof. Ted Solis' Marimba Maderas de Comitan

C.K. Ganyo's Adzido (Ghanaian)

Chris Spheeris Ensemble (Contemporary)
Stanley Jordan's multicultural holiday concert in Sedona
Percussion with Jungle & Drum n Bass DJs, "Subconscious" series (Electronica)
With Sipping Soma as guest performer (Electronica)
 as Wavestar Motion Fabric Dudes with Todd Osborne (Experimental)
H.R. Accordion (Experimental)

Cities performed in (formally documented):

Arizona: Metro Phoenix, Sedona, Tucson, Yuma, Bisbee, Flagstaff, Parker, Lake Havasu, Payson
California: San Clemente, Santa Cruz
Texas: Brownsville
New York: Manhattan
Oregon: Bend

Music focused travel experiences:

Morocco: Rabat, various excursions
Java: Bandung, Jogjakarta
Greece: Athens, Thessaloniki
Turkey: Istanbul
Bulgaria: Plovdiv
Spain: Sevilla